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Welcome to the Website

Christmas 2021

I wish all visitors to a Merry Christmas

and all the best and health in 2022.


January 2021

Dear users, breeders and Gos friends,

Thank you for the interest and the data for the cloud. A database is useful as long as it can be kept up to date.

This effort increases immensely.

the interesting features pedigree, breeder, breeding bitches and stud dogs as well as eventual mating can be used for a membership fee of 1-2 euros per month.

In order to get to know the difference between free use and membership use, a 2-day payfree test account can be requested.

send an email to

It's an international Website for every User without any payments.

You will find information to Gos 'Atura all over the world.

They were collected over the course of several year by me and they were constantly beeing supplemented.

So I am happy about reports, contributions, photos and much more

Please send a Mail to:

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