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Dear Catalan-friends,

A Gosd'Atura Català database will online be available for everyone interested, as a Catalanen-Database

The Catalanen.net consists of 2 main-streams : the orignal Database – Catalanen-Database – as well as  combined statements, and will be provided in tabular form.

– Breeders

– Breeding bitches

– Studs

– Puppies

– History of the kennels

What is to be experienced in the database? Information of every known dog.
Furtheron I have gathered information of approximately 6800 Gossos – from Germany, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, France, Sweden, Finland.
The Database is available in 2 languages German and English

Thanks to a precise description, a lot of data speak for themselves and can also be used by users from Spain, Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands, Italy and so on.
From now on the database will be charactarised as Cloud. and exists of 3 parts :

– On the left side are to be found the searchfunctions, statement of available puppies as well as
   shortly changed information of a dog. Through different searchfunctions information of
   kennels and dogs and much more, can be found.

– On the top side the tabs are to be found by which special features can be seen. It is possible to see
   the ancestry upto the 6th generation, the loss of ancestry, the inbred coëfficient and a possible
   combination af a male and a bitch is to be seen – online and anonymus.

   Gos d'Atura breeders from all over the world can can thus find information about studs, breeding
   bitches, puppies and the history of a kennel.

– in the remaining part, all dogs are listed alphabatically, by a click on a selected dog, the
   information of this dog is to be seen. One can browse through this list.

The basic page of a dog once again consists of 2 parts

In the top part the tabs for certain features, under which to be found the general information of a dog.

The following tabs are available :

– Main data               all relevant information of a dog 
     – Name of the dog
     – Pedigree number
     – Date of birth
     – Gender
     – Breed
     – Colour
     – Titles
     – Mother
     – Father
     – Kennel
     – Breeder
     – Owner ( when desired )
     – Contact information ( when desired )
     – Country
     – Weight
     – Hight
     – Charactaristics
     – Number of sublings
     – Comments
     – Pictures

Not to every item data are available

– Pedigree                     statement of the Pedigree up to the 6th generation

– Siblings                      siblings of a dog, as far as known

– Descendants               descendants of a dog, as far as available and known

– IC-calculation             IC-coefficient and ancestor-loss

– Breeding book            numbering of litters in descending order – as far as available

– Documents                 Diploma's, Breeding-admission and so on

Through the button “Back” one gets back to the former level

This way I hope to contribute to and promote the level of knowledge about our breed.

When by any chance dates have been admitted incorrectly, I ask you to report so via


Information can also be sent in via the mail-address mentioned before and will be admitted as soon as possible

I do not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the data

Angela Schüssler